Our long-term experience, starting with the procurement of raw materials up to the cut, allows for us to fulfil our promises as regard customer and supplier specifications.


Flexibility is the key for reaching our goals – satisfied customers and suppliers. Our just-in-time production makes us a strong partner.

Handshake Quality

Or put otherwise: you can rely on our word. Handshake quality is the requirement for mutual trust, without which our industry would not work.


Our in-house logistics is a major factor for our flexibility.We have the classic flagship, a Scania R730, at our disposal. The articulated lorry is a valuable asset for meeting our delivery times and coping with short-term changes in our day-to-day business.

Round Timber

The procurement of round timber is a particular concern to us. Only through consistent selection carried out in advance in the forest is it possible for us to serve each customer efficiently with the product suiting their needs, in a manner sustaining natural

Solid Wood

Our strength lies in the bespoke cutting of quality high-grade sawn timberfor our customers. In particular we are specialists in solid wooden cross-sections for window edgings, hewn goods and products for the slat, batten and edge trimming industry - we are